Mask Aligner

US Stock Express №1

There is a World Semi-Conductor meeting held in Nanjing of central China from 9th to 11th June with 300 Chinese, Taiwanese and foreign enterprises, aiming to develop Nanjing as a world centre for semiconductors. Actually, if you look it wider, you can find every major city of the world are saying they are the Silicon Valley of their country or even their continent. What they need is Mask Aligners! Now the 3 major manufacturers are Nikon and Canon of Japan and ASML of Holland, when they do not supply this to China under US sanctions, few things can be done. China is strong in finished products for end-users like mobile, vehicles and high speed rail for every department needs to responsible for their own profit and loss. Thus weak in essential products that need a long period of research. Chips are the petroleum of this era and Mask Aligners are essential to produce chips. So it’s still a long way to go for chips; and a long, long way for Mask Aligner. Before the G7 summit, do not place your bet on China Concept Stocks, for Sino-US relation is likely to worsen, and we do not know how many more companies will be blacklisted. Investors can try it after G7 if no special announcement comes out. Meanwhile, after the divorce of Bill Gates in early May, Microsoft (MSFT) went down and now comes up and is going to have a breakthrough. The female Chinese interpreter said she had nothing to deal with the divorce and not a spy, investors better find out the truth on their own. However, according to Chart Analysis, a W-shape will have a breakthrough, but after that, a Jumping Gap may have great resistance and so as the record high. Those that wish to buy better adjust the target at 260 only, don’t look so high.

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