The Chief Mentor



Master of Finance from KIMEP University. 

Undergraduate degree was completed at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Finance.

Born in Almaty, Vitaliy Kin is a professional investor who has been involved in finance since 2010. He has a proven record of thousands of trades in various products including shares, bonds, metals, currencies and commodities. Owing to his extensive mentorship and self-dedication, he possesses profound knowledge and vast experience in trading and portfolio management. Vitaliy started as a trader in a brokerage firm, he later conducted training courses for retail investors, while serving as a mentor in a NASDAQ public company throughout 2017 and 2018.

He has international experience working in Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as a European Fintech company. Whilst Vitaliy is a regional specialist he is also an international expert. After a splendid career spending a decade in investment companies, he decided to switch to his own project at the age of 30. Today he manages a Hedge Fund and develops the educational platform ‘Stalwart’ which enables investors to learn Finance online. In his projects, he intends to help his clients earn profits in the financial market, and above all he is concerned about the benefit of our whole society. Vitaliy has donated blood 25 times, planted hundreds of trees, and continues to take various social initiatives.