Introduction to Music Therapy
Music Therapy is a Psychological Treatment which can be approached from two different angles; clinical treatment and mental inspiration

The former aims to cure certain physical diseases affecting language speaking power, concentration of children, hyperactivity, autism, mental disorder, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, recovery of certain skills. This therapy is more intensive and needs a more systematic period to cure physical disease

Another approach is helping to strengthen ability, relieve distress and anxiety, cure post-traumatic stress, diminish pain from wounds, build strength, control emotions, provide care to those in need, purify your soul and eliminate unhealthy behaviors. When used systematically, the effect is greater than just entertainment. All types of music, from the east or west, relax and inspire, on any occasion

In famous financial centers of the world such as New York, London and Hong Kong, famous lunch hour concerts are held. In New York the venue is Trinity Church on Wall Street; in London, St Martins-in-the-field in Trafalgar Square; in Hong Kong, St John’s Cathedral in the Central District. There is always a high level of professional classical music performances during lunch hours. The Chief Mentor of Stalfin is also a volunteer pianist for charity boards such as Cancer Fund, while also engaged in the Music Program of the Art Conner of THE CENTER and Queen Hospital to inspire white collar workers, patients and medical staff.
Trinity Church
Wall Street, NYK
St Martins-in-the-fields
Trafalgar Square, LDN
St John’s Cathedral
Central District, HKG
A lot of people are jealous of those who make smart and bright decisions in the market. These people gain great knowledge and accumulate experience; investors should focus more on being focused and intelligent. Music Therapy and Art Therapy are one of the best feasible methods to achieve this. The financial market is a place of enormous pressure causing people to feel insignificant and neglected. This pressure makes it hard for investors to keep calm and make good decisions. Normally, the market can turn from a bull market to a bear market very suddenly. Facing this change requires acute eyesight, a stable psychological state and a detached state which does not allow outsiders to affect your decision. Music Therapy will train your mind for these changes and enable you to stay focused.
It can be performed in various places or combined with visual art which makes the effect even greater. It can be of eastern or western style. It is a treatment for the mind with no side effects. Practically, there are a lot of means which can help you relax, such as knitting, painting or even cooking. All these should be done persistently and systemically in order to generate a greater effect. However, in the case of lessening pressure, instrumental music is suggested.

Basically, Music Therapy can be carried out
by vocal or instrumental music, or even with dance
Lessening Pressure
Music can affect your emotions and can influence your character which will affect your outlook for a brighter future. It also modifies your current situation and prepares you for the unexpected. All genres of music no matter which venue have the capacity to heal. When performed in a systematic arrangement it can soothe those who are depressed, have grief and have suffered bereavement. Only those in great need would require professional healing while others may not consider the benefits. When you do not have professional guidance, the benefits are diminished. However, when adopting a score with the Five Elements of ancient China (gold, wood, water, fire and earth), the benefits will be greater and it will be easier to relax and rejuvenate and you will be able to maintain your healthy habits.

Suitable music in a suitable venue will help to adjust your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. The greatest challenge promoting Music Therapy is those with Nosocomephobia. Those with this phobia do not want to go to a clinic or hospital, they are sceptical about being healed; they do not want to be seen as weak and in need of help. In the 21st century, it is important to have self-respect and self-importance, a lot of people would like to think they are strong enough to handle pressure. These people want to help others to prove they are strong and independent. Self-esteem can create an obstacle and some might even question the effect of curing without taking any medicine.

This initiated the need for lunch hour music programs in major financial centers of the world. The world of finance is littered with great pressure; lunchtime concerts recharge your battery enabling you to function more productively and to face the various ups and downs of the market. The English word recreation is a compound word of “re” and “create”; the ultimate target of recreation is to re-create more energy for work, not just to have fun. This is the real meaning of recreation. Lunch hour music programs are aiming to rejuvenate white collar workers in preparation for more demanding challenges in the market.

Music Program in THE CENTER, Central District, Hong Kong
Personal regular lunch hour performance program
Volunteer pianist for Cancer Fund with patients
The Music Therapy Program with a student from Kazakhstan
The Music Therapy Program with a student from USA
Down to earth venues
Some people may doubt that listening to music can solve your problems, these people might consult Psychological Consultants who will engage in dialogue and provide inspiration. Perhaps just one or two key words can change your life during a one-hour meeting. Music may also change everything by one or two notes or phrases. However, if you do not listen to the whole CD or whole program, you do not know where that special note or phrase for you lies. Of course live music will be better than canned music, but recorded music is more flexible since you can listen to it in the middle of the night or by the waterfront or anywhere you like.

The best way for you to use music for relieving pressure is to attend a music program. Or you can use over ear headphones, go to the waterfront and watch the blue sky and white clouds. This will provide you with positive energy even with your own music. Although, with prescribed music, the benefits will be much greater.

When do investors need Music Therapy?
- After a great magnitude of stop loss.
- After a deep stop loss, the market rebounds.
- When you missed the last train of stop loss and are watching the avalanche.
- When waiting for the market to fill the falling window, but when it nears the gap it rebounds, you purchase and at once it falls and fills the gap of the falling window.
- When chasing fast rising stocks like Tesla, after entering it really goes up a little, but had not taken profit and it fell greatly. Your profit turns to loss.
- When NASDAQ broke the neckline of Head & Shoulders, sold all stocks at hand, it rose up and you found out that was a trap; but later proved it was not a trap but just misjudged yourself, wrongly recognizing a false pattern as a genuine pattern.
- When purchasing a stock which rose, so you told your intimate friend to buy with you, after you both purchase a big slump comes.
- When you purchase at the highest point or sell at the lowest point.
- When you mispurchase a stock such as mixing HP with HPQ, but the right stock rises, the wrong stock at hand falls.
- When in need of money, you sold out some stocks not reaching your target, but after selling it reached the target in a short time.
- When making hard decisions on whether you should buy or sell.
- When it is hard to choose the right stock among several potential stocks.
- After picking up a potential stock, you find its performance is the lowest among the several offers.
- On Sunday, after a whole day’s research, you decide to buy a stock on Monday, you purchase during the market opening, but you find the lowest point is at market closing.
- When you set a limit order to buy a stock and wish to purchase at a lower price but you are just one price tag short and could not hit the order, then the price rocket up or vice versa in selling limit order.
- When you set a limit order to take profit, but are just one price tag short and failed to hit the order, then the market slumps.
- When you use a reliable source for exclusive news that a stock will rise suddenly, then notify all your friends to buy, but it drops to a total loss.

There may be more similar cases in investment. Market experience and conditions are very easy to bring about tension to investors. The path to success will not be smooth, and every single day or minute can bring great tension.