Introduction to Course Four

All Electronic Handouts in this training course are accompanied by a video of the same theme, but with a different approach to the related content.

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Introduction to Course Four

Course Four contains 3 videos and 2 sets of electronic handouts

Video 7 (Part 1) is concerning Wave Theory. It shows the correct way of counting waves. The hardest way is to find out the end of Wave 5, the easiest way to gain profit is to trade in Wave 3. Showing how to count NASDAQ by large wave and small waves. The Sudden Test answered the question why universities do not teach chart analysis and thus investors have to learn from finance company.

Video 8 (Part 2) is concerning the average lines. Some people looked down upon the average lines and thought it is too easy. But in the market the easiest is the hardest to apply. To learn is easy, to apply is hardest. It shows the correct way of application. In a long term average line say 100 days, the importance of every day is not the same, some days are thrilling or arousing panic selling, some days are sluggish, how to distinguish and apply? They are shown in this video. People only know there are 2 kinds of candlesticks which is black and white, but practically in most of the chartings in the market, there are 4 kinds. Watch the explanation in this video.

Video 8 is concerning Technical Indicators, telling how to apply when there is grey area occurring in patterns, such as after a breaking through there is a drawback, we have to decide whether that is a trap or not. It also shown how to avoid traps of chart analysis, and gives live examples how to buy in and out in TSM for 5 rounds and SPOT for 4 rounds. Also tells the difference of changing the indicators from underlay to overlay. The indication will be in difference.


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