Introduction to Course Three

All Electronic Handouts in this training course are accompanied by a video of the same theme, but with a different approach to the related content.

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Introduction to Course Three

Course Three will enable you to use the Japanese Candlestick charting technique to analyse the market to make profitable short-term investments.

Investors usually want to earn a lot of money and fast money, this is the main attraction of the financial market. There is no better method than the 18th century Japanese candlesticks, which are used by investors around the world today, as candlesticks allow you to penetrate deeply into short-term analysis.

It is advised to complete Course 2 to have a clear understanding of chart patterns well before taking this course. Analysis is more effective in combination with varying methodologies enabling cross-sectional analysis for a better investment outcome.

Course Three consists of two videos and two sets of electronic handouts. They are all on Candlestick and Video 5 is named as (A) and Video 6 is (B). The handouts are named as Allocution Five and Six.

When including variants, mirror patterns and reverse patterns, there should be over 200 patterns. The videos do not require readers to memorize them one by one; they are already listed in the handouts. Instead you will  use the method of Anatomy to explain the essence of investment; the concept used is an all-in-one base symbol which avoids the need to memorize those tedious and monotonous sticks.

Video 5 uses the Single Day Turn and Video 6 uses the Shooting Star method which leads readers to understand the rest of the 200 variants instead of memorizing them. Anyone with an anatomical understanding of these two explanations can easily understand the rest of the 200 patterns.

From feedback on previous videos, readers like the unique ‘Sudden Tests’. They provide viewers the chance to participate rather than just listen and watch. Meanwhile the examples used are the hottest items of the market; both videos use the live case study examples of Nasdaq in the Sudden Tests for Complexed Patterns.

These Sudden Tests enable viewers to  gain a deep understanding of Candlesticks without the need to ask questions in a live classroom environment. Therefore, the progress of the whole class is not hindered. It is also an examination of your progress and understanding after facing the market for a certain time.


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