Introduction to Course Six

All Electronic Handouts in this training course are accompanied by a video of the same theme, but with a different approach to the related content.

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Introduction to Course Six

Course Six contains 2 videos relating to the hottest topic currently.

Video 11 is concerning International Organizations. Which group affects the market most? Of course different groups have different functions in different time. So again the presentation is in form of Historic Poem. In the Sudden Test, there is a very, very easy question but nearly 100% of people got it wrong, similar concepts already appeared in Video 2. A lot of people knew that winning in the market must observe something that others unable to observe. These Teaching videos always provides such trainings. Meanwhile, on the soundtrack is an anti-war sound written by Hongkongnese in April and adopted to Music Therapy by the Chief Mentor. Hong Kong is just a small city, but the artists here all have international eyesight that their artwork are faster than western democracy large countries. Such an eyesight can help investors to be unique and running faster than other participants in the market.

Video 12 is concerning live examples, not just naming out one or two stocks and ask people to follow, but pointed out the investment strategy therefore which can use for whole life long. When Bear Market comes, investors are keen to know the strategy and examples of trading in bearish trend. Of course examples are unable to list out one by one, still some will be talked in the advanced course.

This is not the end, but the beginning. The learning of investment equals to a degree course of the university and would not be finished in just a few months.

Learning never ends !


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