Introduction to Course Five

All Electronic Handouts in this training course are accompanied by a video of the same theme, but with a different approach to the related content.

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Introduction to Course Five

Course Five contains 2 videos in different format.

Video 9 is talking about Economic Indicators, but the presentation is in form of a Historic Poem, showing the changes from last century to this century that investors can know that what position they are in among the drifts of the current. Also have detailed explanation on the hottest topic of this decade which is inflation in form of anatomy. Also pointed out the peculiars of CPI, PCE and GDP where a lot of investors neglected. It show the changes for more than half a century and see how it affects the world today and tomorrow.

Video 10 is concerning Interest Rate, the data provide is very abundant, more than other people. Long term readers of The Express know that the writer keep on recording the changes of 7 major central banks of the world so investors can easily get full record of these banks in a One-Stop-For-All service at any time they like. Also have comparison of Interest Rate and Inflation concisely and have Sudden Tests to let investors know their own progress. Of course, every time there is a question as homework to let investors to think about in the Cogito, Ergo Sum series.



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