Introduction to Course Two

All Electronic Handouts in this training course are accompanied by a video of the same theme, but with a different approach to the related content.

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Introduction to Course Two

Course Two will equip investors with the analytical skills to interpret market behaviour enabling you to invest at the right time and maximise your profits.

This course is truly a must for individual investors as well as professional Asset Managers, as we dig deeply into chart patterns, which is so important in stocks, precious metals, FX, futures or whatever market sector you want to invest in. We will clearly explain chart patterns with the use of the bulk buying concept to let investors know the psychological behaviour of Big Shots in Wall Street and show how to capitalise from catching big players by the tail.

It is advised to complete Course One to be familiar with market essentials and fluent with professional financial vocabulary before taking this course.

Course Two enables you to interpret patterns changing from Bull Market to Bear Market and vice versa. There are two sets of handouts and three videos.

Both videos have Sudden Tests in the middle and at the end. Tests in the middle or the beginning of the video will have answers within it. However, for those who need further thinking, answers can be revealed in the next video.


$199 One Course


$499 Entire Volume​