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Ursa Major & Minor

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The writer had been talking about the Ursa Major (Big Bear) and Ursa Minor (Small Bear) pattern several times and now the market really runs in such a manner. Everyone can invent more romantic and artistic terms, it is not mysticism.An Ursa Major pattern is formed by...
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Wholesale Inflation

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Inflation can be divided into two sectors; normally people would focus on consuming inflation which is CPI. This is known as “demand-pull inflation”. Such as after pandemic measures cut, people would go out to travel, a lot of airports are overloaded, especially those i...
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Beams of Rainbow

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Inflation Rate announced at 8.5%, not only better than the 9.1% last time, but also lower than the market expectation of 8.7%. Dropped from 9.1% to 8.5% is a great range, even the month on month rate is at zero point. It shows that rainy days are gone, and the rainbow c...
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Day After Tomorrow

What will the market be like after the announcement of the inflation rate? Why is it so important? It will affect the FOMC rate decision despite a rise or fall. Keep calm and carry on!The FOMC meeting interval is 6 weeks per meeting, while the inflation rate is announ...
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Market sentiment is changing and changing all the way. Early this year the cut of pandemic measurements and Russian/Ukrainian conflict generated stagflation. However, later on, even after several rate increasing, still could not control inflation. It goes up with intere...
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