Growth rate

On the front page of Monday, this bulletin said the rise of Dow Jones is steady, Nasdaq runs faster in 2020, but slowed down later, now it regains its strength. So for the past two days the Nasdaq rises more than Dow. But we are now in an interlude or calm status, real battle had not been fought, things will be clearer next week.

During this serene period of treasure hunting, a lot of investors would hunt for their favourite stocks, so besides suggesting potential stocks to buy, these two days I also suggest stocks not to buy or when buying should have more considerations. It’s a further consideration rather than a ban. Yesterday was the MSFT, today is the APPL. They are famous stocks and are of great strength, no point to prohibit buying. So which group of investors should buy and which should not? It’s best for pensioners to use their retirement fund to purchase this for a long-term purpose. What pensioners want is not fast money but safe money, no need to rocket up in a short time, but should increase year by year for an extended period, or at least would not diminish after 10 or 20 years. They must keep it a steady growth in the long term. Short term fluctuation is not so important. They want to have a stock that can stand fast against any financial storm and must take out to use it after 10 or 20 years. However, young people or those in the prime time of life need to earn fast money, have no such patience, and even know that APPL and MSFT can be said to be a representative for Blue Chips. So please take a thorough consideration of which group you belong to on purchasing.

One more practical point for purchasing, next time on your best friend’s birthday, you can say you will buy him or her an apple or coke, but not that in the supermarket, its one share of APPL in Nasdaq or COKE in NYSE. Just give him or her a surprise. 

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