Sentiment in Reverse

Formerly investors want to have a brilliant employment report, it denotes the economy is in nice blooming and the stock market will rise. But it becomes a worry now, too fast recovery may bring about inflation, Market sentiment is in worry of rate increasing. But this time, God helps! Non-Farm Payroll is less than expectation of 650K, just turn up to be 559K, but better than last time’s 278K. Hallelujah! Amitabha! Allahu Akbar!

Thus 3 major indices rose. Mind that Biden will also increase the tax, but not as much as 28%, but at least 15% of G7 and may be even more. Some stocks already rose a lot since the Circuit Breaker, better wait for a lower level to buy. Suncor Energy (SU) can wait until it adjusts to $23.10 for purchasing, for Goodyear (GT) can wait for $19.00. Those who have no patience to wait can try the DADA Nexus (DADA) or Marvell Technology (MRVL). US market is promising, but still have to wait for 3 summits of Joe Biden.

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