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US Stock Express №1 копия 4

Why can individual investors have short selling in currencies, gold & silver or future markets and not US stock markets? It is because of Short Squeeze where the above markets do not have. They are for Corporate Traders or Fund Managers and not for small potatoes like you and me. Do not trade in the American stock market simply because the Dow Jones rises faster than your own country or city, investors must have a thorough understanding of the world and US economy and situations.

When you have short selling in the US stock market, you have to borrow the stock first and settle them on time with handling charges and interest. When a Big Shot buys up the stock, short sellers have to buy back to return the stock for settlement, it again pushes up the price that they have to buy more for return. Thus generates a vicious cycle. And on a margin basis, Corporate Buyers would use at most 80% capital to buy 100% shares when means short sellers are forever 20% in short or even more. That is individual investors can never buy back totally when great turmoil occurs. For margin trading in futures such as currencies, gold and futures, even the risk is higher than full payment of stock trading, but need not buy back for settlement. You only lose all the money inside your account, but for Short Squeeze, the price can go up infinitely and your loss will be unexpected. The AMC rose sharply on Wednesday and dropped sharply on Thursday; short sellers really earned a lot. But if accidental Short Squeeze happened in GME first and then AMC later, just one error can make you trapped inside the vicious cycle and lose everything you earn in the past decade of generation, including money and properties. When you expect a sharp fall of AMC or GME, better buy at the low and not trade short selling. There are many means to earn money in the US stock market, please do not choose a means that can make you lose everything inside your stock account and further every cent you earn in the whole life.

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