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Born in Hong Kong, the Chief Mentor Daniel Yue has been investing in the financial market since 1980 and has in-depth experience of various turmoil and market situations in the field of stocks, currencies, futures, metals and bonds, just to name a few
Daniel Yue
Vitaliy Kin
Born in Almaty, Vitaliy Kin is a professional investor who has been involved in finance since 2010. He has a proven record of thousands of trades in various products including shares, bonds, metals, currencies and commodities
US Stock Express
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The US Stock Express is a daily bulletin which is issued on all market trading days and covers the latest comments and news. Predominantly focussed on US stock market analysis, the report also reviews world events and is therefore a comprehensive news digest. Additionally, it features special pages covering IT events, new medical advances, the international military situation, space exploration and education.
It is a useful, informative and practical bulletin that investors will find valuable and helpful when it comes to self-improvement and capitalising on market dynamics. Sign up now and stay ahead of world events and be in the know about markets with a subscription.